Atlas tyres have been roaming on the roads of United States of America (U.S.A) since 1938. Atlas tyres are being produced for passenger vehicles, SUV’s, industrial vehicles and trucks. 

Atlas tyres are manufactured with a compound formula. This compound formula plays a very significant role on Atlas tyres durability. They provide much longer tread life with a balanced framework in case of tyre wearing. This makes the tyre perform in full functionality even when the tyres are wearing and losing shape.

Atlas tyres are available in various tyre sizes. These tyres could enable you have a smooth and better driving experience. Atlas tyres are really setting paces with their premium quality tyres. They set standards in which other tyres manufacturers tends to follow to succeed in the growing tyre market.

Atlas tyres are owned, designed by former tier-1 tyre engineers. Their quality control is being monitored regularly. Hence, their tyres are produced to be of the most superior quality. Atlas tyres are manufactured in accordance with United States of America (U.S.A) Department of Transportation (D.O.T) specifications. Not just for U.S.A, they are duly produced to meet all countries quality standards.

Atlas tyres are manufactured by one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. They have successfully passed United States of America “Department of Transportation“(U.S.A D.O.T) quality standards certification as well as Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), and CCC popularly known as the China Compulsory Certificate.

This serves as an assurance to drivers that Atlas tyres are produced with high quality rubber that makes them of superior quality. Thus, offering drivers maximum vehicle performance and tyre longevity.

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Atlas tyres are quite impressive. Drivers can travel for long journeys without worries that their vehicles tyres will suddenly lose pressure. They come in a pocket friendly price with after sales service such as one year warranty, tyre fixing and wheel balancing. You can enjoy these benefits when you buy your car tyre from us. Atlas tyres can take you to and fro, around places without wearing off easily. They are produced in ultra modern designs and cutting edge retreading technology.

Some Atlas tyre products include;

  • Land sport
  • Force HP
  • STRD-09E+
  • STRD-09E+ II 
  • Force UHP
  • Touring Plus II
  • TR-09E+
  • Priva HT II
  • Desperado II
  • DRV-OS V / Eco-Traveler
  • Eco-Traveler Plus
  • Nautilus UHP
  • Nautilus UHP Plus
  • Paraller 4X4 HP
  • Paraller AT
  • Paraller HT
  • Paraller MT.

Also, Atlas tyres are more fuel efficient. Drivers don’t need to frequently check their car tyre pressure as Atlas tyres has the ability to hold the tyre pressure on all road conditions. These tyres have been checked to have more wet grip performance and control when the road is wet or on snowy roads.

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