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Walking the dealership lot is a fun experience. Moving up and down aisles, shiny vehicles tempt adults. They’re shiny, new and smell oh-so-good. For many grown-ups, it’s a luxury trip to the candy store–only this time, the trip involves spending WAY more money. Unlike a chocolate drop or lollipop, this decision is likely to stick with you for a while. Be sure you pick the right car. To ensure a solid decision, consider the following four things.

  1. Understand the Safety Rating

Yes, you want something that runs well, yet an essential quality of a car today is how well it holds up in a crash. Something can look good, but if someone runs into the back or side, feel good about the structure’s ability to safeguard you and your family. Hop online and read reviews on multiple car sites. Be sure to look at the following factors:

  • What is the crash rating for the vehicle?
  • How many recalls has it incurred?
  • If it’s used, was the car in a prior accident? How many?
  • What safety measures have been added to the transportation?
  • Are there backup cameras?
  • Does it have sensors to signal oncoming traffic dangers?
  1. Review Your Budget

There are the diamonds of the lot. Then, there is the zirconium. Which price range fits your budget? Sit down with your monthly expenses and determine how much extra you have to put toward the investment. Stay within range and remember that vehicles, even new ones, require oil changes and repairs. Life happens, so ensure that extra funds are available to help in unexpected moments.

  1. Research Insurance Policies

In addition to monthly installments, drivers must purchase policies to offset accident costs. Ask neighbors for an insurer who specializes in auto insurance Newark DE. Ask about how much insurance may cost for various vehicles. The year, make and model does matter.

  1. Test Drive Models

Like a good pair of shoes, transportation should feel just right. Get behind the wheel at least once, if not twice. Don’t make spur-of-the-moment decisions. How does it feel to sit in the seat? Can you see okay? Is there a blind spot? How smooth is the engine? You should feel good about the buttons’ location and how to maneuver the car in weather and traffic. Don’t get something too small or bulky.

Grab the keys and enjoy the new ride. Before you sign the dotted line, double-check that this is the proper selection for you and your lifestyle.