The sport of Kabaddi Fantasy is usually famous with inside the international locations of the Indian sub-continent and it has received a few quantity of favor in lots of different international locations as well. Basically a group sport of competition related to assault and defense, the principle gain of Kabaddi is that it calls for certainly no set-up or intricate paraphernalia other than groups and a play area. It is each a sport of talent and of electricity and the maximum not unusual place game in rural India and Bangladesh. Incidentally, Kabaddi takes place to be the countrywide game of Bangladesh.

There isn’t any any universally established principle approximately the origins of the sport. Some say that it dates again extra that 4 thousand years and springs from the searching instincts of guys earlier than the start of civilization. There is any other famous perception that pro kabaddi league team originated in Tamil Nadu from the easy chase of younger boys with sweet because the objective. There are different theories that relate the sport to the ‘Chakravyuh’ episode with inside the epic ‘The Mahabharata’ wherein Abhimanyu changed into surrounded via way of means of a set of enemy warriors. Primarily a sport of raid and competition, it is able to be assumed consequently that the element approximately retaining the breath is a later try at including hobby to the sport via way of means of making it extra challenging. The sport has some of names in India – Kabaddi (Tamil), Sadugudu (Tamil), Gudugudu (Tamil), Palinjadugudu (Tamil) and Sadugoodatthi (Tamil). In Bangladesh and in West Bengal, the unique model remains referred to as ‘Ha- du-du’ in a few parts.

The sport of Kabaddi, as its miles performed in tournaments, consists of groups of 7 gamers every with 5 gamers with inside the bench of every group. It is a 40 minute sport, performed in halves and includes a aspect extrude after half-time. A raider is dispatched to the opponent aspect all through assault. The intention of the raider is to ‘tag’ (touch) an opponent participant and go back to his personal aspect without being ‘caught’. The intention of the competition is clearly that- to entice the raider and now no longer permit him go back with inside the equal breath. The defenders need to shape a series and if that chain is broken, one in every of their gamers are dispatched off the field. The raider has to maintain his breath all through assault and chant ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi’ audibly as a proof. If he loses his breath earlier than returning to his group, he’s dispatched off. Each time a participant is out the opposing group earns a point. A group rankings and advantage of factors, referred to as a long, if the complete opposing group is said out. At the stop of the sport, the group with the maximum factors wins.

The specific styles of Kabaddi are Surjeevani, Amar and Gaminee with versions in rules. The Kabaddi Federation of India follows the layout and rules of Surjeevani.

Kabaddi going international

  • 1936 – Demonstrated on the Berlin Olympics
  • 1950 – The All India Kabaddi Federation
  • 1973 – The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
  • 1979 – Introduced and popularized in Japan
  • 1980 – Asian Kabaddi Championship
  • 1990 – Included with inside the Bejing Asian games

Interestingly, eleven though the sport came about to be extra famous in South and East India, Punjab has performed a critical position in its global fame. The first World Kabaddi Championship changed into held in Hamilton, Canada, whilst 14,000 humans on the Copps Coliseum watched pinnacle gamers from India, Pakistan, Canada, England and the United States. The first all-Kabaddi stadium changed into in Surrey, British Columbia.