There are a wide variety of services that you will find with an SEO company. one of the primary services is the on-page SEO services that you will find with all the affordable seo company. In this, the provider that you have selected will manage your website and the content. In addition, they are responsible for taking care of the content available on the website. 

The content that the online marketing company provides you is the only reason a website ranks and has a good user experience. Not only this, they are responsible for many other things which you are going to read here:

Written content on the website

The online marketing company provides all the content that you read on the website. They have a team of professionals that will provide you with the article to post on the website. They use some specific keywords in the content. Google has stated that the URL you are using helps them get a better understanding of the page. There are the following ways by which you can optimize the URLs.

  • Use keywords

The keywords are based on the research done by the SEO company. They get through these keywords by looking at the people searching for the product and services that the website provides you. 

  • Titles

But the seo owner should keep in mind that they should use actual words. But the content and the URL that you are using on the website should be short. Also, keep them simple so that all the people who are reading can understand them properly.

  • Use hyphens 

It would be best to use the hyphens in the URL that you are using in the content. Using the hyphens will make the content more readable.

These are some points that affordable seo companies should keep in mind while writing content. Proper content is the most important thing for the website.

Titles and metadata

Metadata is something that tells Google about the content available on every website. Google has learned the skill by which they can easily distinguish between the excellent user experience and the bad one. Based on the content and the readability the Google decides which website should have a high ranking. Also, try to keep the title around 50-55 characters. If you keep the title long, various tools will tell you that the title is very long. Which reduces its chances of ranking? 

Keep in mind that all the titles that you are drafting should be unique. Not only should the title, the content that you are writing also be unique. Otherwise, Google will get to know that the website has plagiarism. The other important thing is that the title that you had made must be compelling. So that the users that are searching the related data open the link.


So this is all that you need to know about on-page SEO, even though it’s not the complete information. There are many other things that the company has to do in this. But if you are new, then it is sufficient info for you.