While card players of all disciplines value the tactical skill and possible rewards of tournament play, many are unaware that the massive online slots business also hosts regular tournaments in a variety of forms and sizes. These tournaments provide participants with a privilege that many card players take for granted: the ability to compete against other humans. When a slots player bets on a game during a regular, non-tournament session in an online casino – W168PLAY  is an excellent example – they are up against set odds and nothing else. The game they’re playing will have a stated RTP (return to player) percentage, generally around 98 percent, and this is what customers can anticipate to receive generally.

The payouts from these games are calculated by random number generating software, which is carefully engineered to guarantee that the reels spin in a sufficiently erratic fashion to be near to really random, and the possibility of winning is then determined using very elementary probability calculations. In other words, you cannot affect the outcome by talent, competence, or judgment. You may, however, manage your bankroll in accordance with your individual risk/reward profile, and many slot players like the opportunity to demonstrate their money management abilities by playing in tournaments.

Micro gaming, the original and largest creator of online slots, has over 600 titles to their credit, and casinos that only offer their games will generally give you two options: An immediate play casino with around 150 of the most popular games, or a download casino with the complete collection plus some extra features available via the download lobby menu. One of these is the chance to play Blackjack or slots tournaments on virtual games and the options are incredible once you open up the slots tournament menu. You may choose to play the events, satellite tournaments, and a variety of other forms of competitions – and there are also several opportunities to rebuy, continue, and use other alternatives.

Most of the larger slots sites have either one-time or ongoing tournaments, which come in two flavors: First, there are events that just track how much money you spend. The individual who wagers the most within the event’s time duration is the winner, plain and easy. Second, you can calculate how much each player wins, which is just as fair – after all, slot machine returns are entirely dependent on luck. However, there are other events that include percentage returns, which are a significant plus for low-spending participants because there is no assurance that the highest-spending person will win. Slots tournaments are infrequent, emerging as special events with a large reward only every couple of months or so at even the most prestigious casinos – but there is one exception, and that is the Microgaming festival program.