Putting in cheats in any game is always a risky move. You might get away with it once or twice, but more often than not, you will catch someone red-handed and give them a reason to distrust you from that point onward. It’s for this reason that using cheats in Sea of Thieves can be a tricky proposition.

However, the game does offer such options for anyone who wants to have an easier time with the pirate-em-up—just know that there are pros and cons to doing so. Here are some things you should consider before implementing any sort of Sea of Thieves Cheats Target.

Why Are You Using Cheats?

There has to be a good reason why you are cheating in Sea of Thieves. There are some players who use cheats to level up their characters extremely fast, but they don’t do it in such a way as to deceive other players. In fact, they often post videos of the process so that others can follow along and do the same thing.

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to rank up by using cheats, and you’re not sharing that info with others, you are doing a disservice to the Sea of Thieves community. You should only be cheating if you’re trying to get through a particularly tough section of the game quickly.

How Will Cheats Impact Other Players?

First of all, the Aim Assistance is a relatively minor cheat. In fact, it’s something that is present in many shooters, so it’s not really considered a cheat. However, it is still a violation of the game’s rules.

Then you have Ship/Ship Speed Hacks. The problem with ship speed hacks is that they don’t just assist you. Anyone can use them to move their ships at faster rates. This can easily break the normal rules of the game and make it impossible for anyone to have fun.

After that,  the teleport Hacks are cheats that should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they completely unfair, but they completely break any semblance of normal gameplay. This is a true cheat. Lastly, Extra Gold/Items are minor cheats and are not a violation of the game’s rules.

Is There An Advantage To Be Had By Using Cheats?

This is a question worth asking. If you want to use cheats, is there an advantage to be had by doing so? For example, if you know that a certain Skull and Bones location is going to spawn, you can teleport there, complete the challenge, and teleport away before anyone can see what you’ve done.

This is an easy way to play the game with cheats, but it does give you an advantage if you are trying to get the Cursed Sanctuary or the Kraken Skull and Bones challenges.

If you’re trying to get a Lion’s Paw or the Ancient Skeleton Keys, you can use your teleport hack to go to a place where these are located, pick them up, and teleport away before anyone can stop you!