Cubic zirconia stones have been used as “fake” diamonds for many decades. They look and sparkle like diamonds, but unlike the originals, they’re much softer. That’s why cubic zirconia is prone to scratches and tarnishes. Heavy use can also make them appear dull or cloudy. Thankfully, just like diamond reacts to polishing, cubic zirconia’s shine and brilliance can be brought back with care and maintenance. Here’s a complete guide.

Fixing the Cloudiness

To fix the cloudiness in cubic zirconia stones, we must first understand why does cubic zirconia get cloudy. This material becomes cloudy or milky over long periods because of oxidisation. Cubic zirconia is an oxygen-deficient material. It absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere and becomes cloudy-looking over time. To retain their intrinsic shine and brilliance, users must avoid exposing them to water, sweat, dirt, and chemical substances. To make a cloudy-looking cubic zirconia stone look brand-new, owners can use standard cleaning agents like Windex. Windex and other ammonia-based glass cleaners can give cubic zirconia jewellery a renewed sparkle. However, owners shouldn’t expose their cubic zirconia jewellery to excessive amounts of these cleaners. A soapy solution of warm water and any ammonia-based glass cleaner is sufficient for cleaning. Rub the cubic zirconia jewellery gently with this mixture and expect good results after a few cleaning sessions. 

Making Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Last Longer 

To make cubic zirconia jewellery last longer, owners should have them plated with rhodium. Rhodium plating prevents cubic zirconia jewellery from accumulating scratches. But, does cubic zirconia fade even after these precautions? Yes. Jewellery made of cubic zirconia doesn’t last a lifetime, but owners can certainly make them last longer than ten years by practising these simple maintenance steps. Cubic zirconia jewellery also reacts well to toothpaste. Gently scrubbing a dollop of toothpaste for about five to ten minutes on a cubic zirconia ring or necklace can get rid of grime and other dirt particles.