Studying the car’s origin and evaluating the state of conservation of items inside can avoid being deceived. With the current prices of brand-new cars, many Brazilians are researching used models as a cheaper alternative. But some precautions are essential to close a good deal like Cheap Auction Plate Numbers (ทะเบียน ประมูล ราคา ถูก which is the term in Thai) and not feel aggrieved afterward.

To help, here are some tips for situations in which you need to be careful when buying a used car.

Paint Wear

It is typical for the car paint to show signs of wear and tear over time. To ensure greater durability, the company recommends applying automotive wax every six months, in addition to crystallizing every 12 months, which recovers the car’s original tone.


The poor quality of asphalt on Brazilian streets can cause noise in cars. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to noises and carrying out the necessary repairs when selling. The buyer should pay attention to this, making a test drive with the windows closed to facilitate possible noise notes.

Poor Maintenance Of Benches And Linings

Smears of wear are common and can cause an over-mileage look to potential buyers. Therefore, pay attention to the ceiling lining and the panel plastics, keeping the entire interior clean. In addition, annually, arrange for the cleaning of internal tissues. For the buyer, take a good look at all the details of the vehicle, especially door handles, seats, finishes, etc.

Cigarette Odor Inside The Car

The smell of tobacco can penetrate the plastic parts of the panel and the upholstery of the seats. When evaluating a vehicle for purchase, look for odors and burn marks on the seats.

Excessive Customization

In the case of customized vehicles, check if the accessories you don’t want can be removed – pay attention to those that are optional for the model. The company points out that the most popular equipment currently is: airbags, alarms, multimedia with cell phone pairing, and multifunctional steering wheel.

Origin Of The Car

A good example is to check if the vehicle has been auctioned or has already suffered some accident. This information is registered in an insurance company’s database, resulting in the refusal of the insurance.

Attention to the adulterated odometer

Unfortunately, the practice of tampering with the odometer is still quite recurrent. The tip to escape this scam is to check the conservation of other items in the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, pedals, seats, and gearbox. The condition of the car’s components must be consistent with the mileage shown on the odometer.