We all have enjoyed sending encoded messages to our friends in the form of our personal secret code analytics. Whenever someone says codes, all we relate it to is the spy movies that we have watched and the nostalgia strikes through. Have you ever wanted to ship private messages and statistics inside your work environment, to own family or buddies? But were afraid to do so over the net, due to the fact a few malicious hackers might be spying on you? Well here’s a solution to give rest to all your worries. Привнот is a free internet-based carrier that permits you to send top mystery notes over the net. It’s fast, smooth, and requires no password or person registration at all.

Is it really confidential? 

The answer to this question would be an ultimate yes. Privnote gives you a hyperlink to your word message. You ought to copy and paste that link into an e-mail (or immediate message) and ship it to the person you need to send the message to. You must definitely be wondering what if the recipient screenshots or copies the sent message. Well, privnote makes no such promise of keeping the message untouched by the recipient. There is a definite assurance that your message does not reach the third party while you send the message. Whatever the recipient does with the message is their own responsibility and reliability. 

Checking the read receipts

You have got to check the notification box beneath the self-destructive message and input your e-mail to cope with the read receipts. You will then receive an email when the message has been read by the recipient. You also can upload an identity reference with each and every note observed. The most important fact to be remembered is that the message is self-destructive. This directly implies that the message cant be re-read at any given time. The note you send or receive self-destructs after being read; there’s no way to re-read it as soon as it’s been read.

All the unread messages get stored in the message box. After 30 days all unread notes are routinely deleted, meaning you don’t have to keep manually clearing the messages regularly. 

Way to send the message to multi-recipients

Sending messages to multi-recipients without the interference of a hacker or unwanted intruder is made easy with привнот. Go to “Show options” and opt for a time interval for the note’s elimination, then independently of numerous times the note is recaptured. The note will only self-destruct or delete itself once after the specified timeline is over.

Is there any unsend message feature in the privnote?

It often happens that we mistakenly send the note to a person it was not meant for. Well, privnote has got your back. You can unsend any note by pasting the link of the generated note to your search engine. Once you do so, the note will be visible to you and start self-destructing because it has been read once. When the person who wasn’t supposed to receive the note will open the message. they won’t be able to read it as it’s already self-destructed.

Conclusion Messaging is now made easier and safer with привнот. You do not have to worry about any misconduct or threats in terms of the personal messages.