The tutor has the role of knowing the student, their life project, help those preparing to study Toeic 2020 (เรียน โท อิ ค 2020 which is the term in This) and the results of their academic performance. As much as he works in the student’s personal, social, and professional sphere, the focus is on the academic. It builds a partnership relationship with the tutor, focusing on their personalized development and improving their learning results.

The tutor’s essential qualities are:

  • Be a partner of teachers and students,
  • Facilitate student learning,
  • Know the content of the subjects under your responsibility,
  • Monitor and guide the student throughout the course.
  • The tutor performs different functions depending on the context in which the tutoring takes place.

In basic education, its performance is more linked to helping students find ways to improve their school performance. In Distance Education, the tutor has a central role in the relationship with students and is a very important figure in the success of the teaching program.

How is tutoring in distance education?

In distance education, the tutor acts as an intermediary for the students with the course content. He is responsible for interacting with students and all contact with them. Whether evaluating participation in activities or mediating discussions between participants. The tutor must also know the virtual learning environment in which the course is held, guiding the best use of the platform, its functionalities, and available digital resources. In addition to the benefits, we’ve already covered in this article, online tutoring brings some advantages over the face-to-face format.

Interactive And Innovative Tutoring

Online tutoring has great potential to engage students. In addition to direct contact with the tutor, the student can use virtual tools such as games, videos, and images and incorporate more elements into learning.

Meetings With Flexibility

Online tutoring can be scheduled at the best time for the student without traveling to a physical location.

Personalized Learning

It is possible to use digital resources to enhance the personalization of teaching further and make the approach more customized and accessible for the tutor.

Online Tutoring Without Appointments

In addition to online tutoring available for distance courses, there are tools to optimize the service provided to students in a personalized and unscheduled way. With it, your students can connect with tutors from the best universities in the country right away, all online, without having to make an appointment. Services are on-demand, 24/7, whenever students need them.


Tutoring offers a complete follow-up for the student and has great benefits for both school and online courses. It promotes the union between reinforcement for better school performance and cares for the student, making the teaching-learning process more humanized.