Before starting to use the CBD Oil For Dogs UK, it is important that you go through the below questions that are asked about the use of CBD on pets so that you get enlightened:

What type of research has been done on the effects of the pets CBD?

Unfortunately there is no much research which is available when it comes to the use of CBD in pets. At the moment, recommendations are either based on small studies which have been done or the professional experience of the veterinarians.

As the use and interest of the CBD in pets continues to grow, the size and number of the studies will go up and provide both the pet parents and veterinarians more guidance on the way best to utilize the products.

Is the CBD very safe for use on the pets?

It is essential remembering that the use of the CBD oil hasn’t been approved as a prescription or the over the counter CBD products for their use on animals. It denotes that the products on the might not have been tested for the effectiveness or safety before being sold. And for some companies might promote medical claims which are unsupported regarding their products which have not been approved or reviewed.

There seems also to be concerns about the quality of the CBD product. An example is that, the product could contain various amount of the CBD than what could be on the label, or it could have contaminants such as pesticides or THC. So if you decide trying CBD for your pet, you might have to do some more digging to finding out exactly on the way the product you are choosing is manufactured.

In case you have any questions, you have to look on the website of the brand or try contacting the company to find out their COA – certificate of analysis. It is a public document which verifies that the ingredients that are written on the label which are actually in the product.  If the company isn’t able to provide the up to date COA, it will be best to avoid the purchase of that product from the company.

What are some of the risks of treating the pet with CBD?

When you use CBD on animals, the side effects are known to be the same as the ones experienced by humans. The ones which are most common include fatigue, change in appetite, and diarrhea.  The higher the CBD that you administer to your pet, the higher the side effects experienced and vice versa.

In majority of cases, it might not be necessary to treat the reactions as they will be mild or get better with passage of time. If the side effects don’t improve or increase, then you have to contact the veterinarian’s pet and keep a close eye on the pet to ensure that you don’t hurt the dog, and thus, a need to ensure that you don’t hurt the dog.