Thinking of buying some new types of shrooms? Then you have to know the fact there has been a very wide range of choices of shrooms for you to choose for whatever purposes. And a lot of them are available in most online shops for you to order and be delivered right to your home.

But in terms of the variations between shrooms, you have to know that the shrooms are having their distinct effects and benefits that make them unique from one another. And with the emergence of newer types of shrooms, there are now more reasons to be excited for the widening and the growth of the shrooms market.

So when it comes to the new types of shrooms that people are loving now, you have to try out this particular type of shrooms in case you looking for a new type of shrooms to try out. Its name might have been a weird one, but its benefits have been phenomenal that surely have to try it now.

Why Choose Penis Envy Mushrooms?

The name f this type of shrooms night be a bit weird to you. It is highly understandable, but there is a reason why penis envy mushrooms are named in such a way.

As you may have seen these shrooms, a penis envy mushroom is usually coming in the form of a mushroom with a thick stalk, a circular cup that is very soft and perfectly cups the end of the stalk, and an interesting color that sometimes turns blue depending on a certain situation, but without affecting the overall good effects.

With such physical attributes, there is no wonder why it is named that way – the shrooms look just like the male reproductive organ. But this type of shrooms has a lot more to offer than its unique name and appearance.

There are a number of reasons why people are lining up just to get a fresh dose of the new type of shrooms. After all, this type of shrooms did not become wildly popular to consumers for no reason.

So in case you are planning to use penis envy mushrooms for you to try out, then you better know the effect it could give you. One, this type of shrooms can give you, as the user, feelings of pleasure, contemplation, and exhilaration.

Aside from that, it can also help you stimulate your mind and keep you mentally active. Therefore, this is the perfect one to use if you want to have some deep and critical thinking and want to come with great ideas for your plans and projects.

Not only that but taking this type of shrooms is also a highly effective one in terms of boosting your personality in the social context. This will also be a great one to use if you want to have a higher sense of well-being.


There has been a lot of new type of shrooms available in the online market, including this one. Don’t be fooled by its unusual name, as it has a lot to offer you that will make you feel better about yourself and your way of thinking in your daily life.