10 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows PC [2022 Ranking]Computer cleaner is a potentially malicious tool that uses false positives on purpose to upsell you to its more expensive premium version. A registry cleaner on the other hand is often included in software bundles. In an effort to reduce the size of your registry database and enhance your computer’s performance, it does a scan of the Windows Registry and offers to eliminate outdated values, such as entries created by applications that are no more installed and other unnecessary information.


PC Cleaner is a potentially unwanted application because of its intrusive behavior, such as dubious installation methods and constant pop-ups and warnings. The installation of a PC Cleaner is provided in the third dialogue window during the download of another application; the ‘Accept’ button is located in a place where it is easy to accidentally click.


Is it safe to use a computer cleaner?


Because it extends the life of your computer, using a PC cleaning is completely risk-free. Once the PC cleaner is set up, it can aid in the diagnosis of numerous PC issues and the subsequent correction of these problems. You can maintain a faster, safer, and more efficient computer. It safeguards against the accumulation of unnecessary data in digital storage by eliminating duplicates and bloat. It helps makes sure hackers have a harder time breaking into your system. Eliminating these traces from your computer is an effective way to maintain anonymity.


You should only use a PC cleaner if you are familiar with its function and can determine that it is safe for your computer. By this point, you should be aware of the issues that might arise from neglecting to clean your PC after a certain amount of time, as well as the steps necessary to successfully install a PC cleaner.


 Instructions to get a PC cleaning software installation


Follow these four easy steps to download and install PC cleaning on your own computer.


  • Try typing “PC cleaning” into the search bar and see what comes up.
  • Select “start download” to initiate the download.
  • In order to begin the PC cleaner installation process, click the run button.
  • Initiate the scanning process by clicking the “start scan” button.


Why is it important to clean your computer?


A PC cleaner is a need if you want to avoid serious problems that will arise if you don’t clean your system regularly. If you want to prevent all of the problems we’ll be discussing below, PC cleaning is a great option.

  • “Bloat” in the files causes a decrease in available storage space.
  • DLL problems also persist
  • The startup process is painfully slow.
  • It seems like you are experiencing some sort of issue.
  • It seems like your computer is running slower than usual.
  • Malware, Viruses, and Other Threats


A computer cleaner and an antivirus application are two very different things. While antivirus programs seek for and destroy malware, PC cleaners aim to boost your computer’s efficiency by eradicating clutter and unused files.